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Intake fans or outtake fans - Case cooling question

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Mar 26, 2002
San Francisco
Which is more important do you think, having more outtake to suck heat away or more intake to draw the cold air in?

I know I'd have to strike a happy balance and airflow plays into it, but if I could add only one fan what would you say?



Mar 25, 2002
Washington State
Intake directly to the cpu is the most important, IMO. My generic case had a side intake hole already cut, so I cut the insides out of an old fan and used that as a frame for a flexible dryer duct to connect the HSF to the hole on the side. Good temperature difference without the extra noise of running an extra 80mm fan on the side.

As long as you have good intake directly to the CPU and an extra exhaust fan on the back, you should be doing pretty well...As long as you have air conditioning in your house for summer time. :)



Cyber Deal King
Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
I belive, not for sure thought, that you should have a little more intake than discharge. Also try to position one of your intakes close to your CPU this will help alot with cooling, unless you have a heatsink like the Alpha witch is designed to move air away from the CPU. Then I think it would defeat the purpose.