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Intel 2700k first time overclock, take a look.

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New Member
Feb 12, 2017
Hello everyone! Id like to start of saying that this is my first time ever trying to overclock and im sorry if there is some obvious stuff that i am missing.

This is my setup:

Intel i7 2700k
Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
16gb DDR3 1333
Corsair TX650
Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler.
500gb Samsung Evo SSD

So i have wanted to overclock for a while now, and i have read some guides so i decided to jump right in. I haven't changed much in my bios, i have just changed the CPU multiplier from 35 to 44. After some reading i tried to run it at 1.25v. After 10 minutes in Prime95 it bluescreened. So i went to 1.30v. Ran Prime95 for 30 minutes and all good. Also ran some benchmark programs (heaven and valley) and it was all good. Also i played Witcher 3 for about 1 hour and everything was good. In Prime 95 at 100% load the temp is about 70C.

So i have some questions about this.

- Is this okey to run in the long run? I am not looking to go super far with my overclock. Just wanted to give my CPU a boost. I am happy with the performance as it sits now.
- I have seen that people recommend running Prime95 for several hours (understandble), but for 24hours? Why? In what scenaro would your CPU be at 100% for that long?

When i play games the CPU sits at about 30-50 percent. Yes, i this setup is for gaming, not much editing or anything else.

Do i need to do any changes or am i good to go here?

Thanks for your help!


Feb 10, 2017
The 24 hour test is more of a "peace of mind" deal from what I gathered. Most people usually deem an overclock perfectly stable if it runs OTTC/Prime95 for 4 hours without errors/crashes. My suggestion would be to run Prime95 for four hours, and another stress testing app after that, such as OTTC or Aida64 for another 3-4 hours.


Apr 9, 2003
24hrs used to be the standard...sometimes I adhered to it (occasionally, I just ran it for 12hrs) and sometimes, I didn't but that was one of the qualifiers for a stable OC 10yrs ago.


Feb 8, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
I need to check out what my settings are but I have a 2600k sitting in my other machine that is running at 4.8ghz with a pretty hefty - modifier on offset mode. The 2700k seems to have been binned a little better So i would expect you could easily hit 4.5-4.7ghz on that one.

Actually I was shocked at how much better the temps on my 2600k are at 4.8ghz than my 7700k at stock. My 2600k is back on air cooling with a hyper212 and still hits 62-66c on p95 at 4.8ghz.

Makes me pretty disappointed at intel for no longer soldering on the IHS. Maybe Ryzen launch will force them back into a proper solution for their Die-IHS approach.


Dec 10, 2003
Some times Prime95 fails at 10-15 hours. Once I have my finale adjustment and test I let Prime95 run 24 hours.