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Intel & AMD architecture names

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Dec 2, 2008
hi all, please could you list as many architecture names as possible!!

i know...theres probly a website that lists them all somewhere...but i thought i'd rack you brains first!!

by "names" i mean "Cedar Mill" "Wolfdale" etc...



Jun 15, 2009
I think you mean CPU code names.

One's I can think of at the top of my head:

Prescott, Cedar Mill, Conroe, Wolfdale, Yorkfield, Kentsfield, Bloomfield, Lynnfield, Yonah (mobile).

I don't know many AMD ones just Deneb.

I bet someone on this forum could name everyone in history but hey i'm only young :D

Old Thrashbarg

Sep 26, 2007
Intel desktop CPUs, in approximate chronological order to the best of my memory, go: Klamath, Deschutes, (Covington, Mendocino), Katmai, Coppermine, Tualatin, Willamette, Northwood, Gallatin, Prescott, Smithfield, Cedar Mill, Presler, Conroe, Kentsfield, Wolfdale, Yorkfield, Bloomfield and Lynnfield, with Clarkdale and Gulftown upcoming. The ones in parentheses were the two uniquely-named Celeron cores based off of Deschutes.

Klamath was the first PII, and that's the first one of the desktop chips where they used names rather than number codes (at least, publically... earlier chips might've had internal codenames I'm not aware of).

I'm not nearly as well versed on the AMD names... I know the ones from the Socket A era and that's about all: Thunderbird/Spitfire, Palomino/Morgan, Thoroughbred/Applebred, and Barton/Thorton. The ones after the / were the Durons. Then there was some stuff involving 'Hammer' but I quit paying much attention after that.