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Intel Convert needs help!

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Jan 21, 2001
I have come over from INtel. I just got my new 1GHZ Athlon Retail and a ABIT KT7A Raid.(374 SHipped!, Not bad huh?) Now I need to know a few things.

1) Since the CPU is Retail, I assume there will be a casing I need to rip off right? If so, how do I do it? I got a PAL 6035 coming in as well.

2) I would need a conductive paint pen? IF so aht is the best one to get?

3) Any other overall advice will be great. I am thinking about getting 2 ATA 100 20 GB drives and making it a raid boot drive. That possible?
Here ya go - welcome to AMD :)

1) No case to rip off - all socket A processors are the same, and very similar to Intel's socket 370 in design - a ceramic with the raised cpu core. Apply thermal paste like arctic silver in a thin layer to the core and then clip the hsf on.

2) Clearly you know about the trick for unlocking socket a cpus - pencil worked fine for me, but there's no harm in using conductive paint like is used for repairing car defogger screens, or a conductive pen - designed for repairing broken traces on pcbs.

3) Yes you can set up the two disks for RAID and boot off them (depending on how you set up the RAID you will either get 20gig storage or 40gig - see http://www.abit.nl/english/techterm/io.htm#15 for more info on RAID).