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Intel Core i5 4590 Core Speed stuck at 800

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New Member
Apr 17, 2016
Can anyone help me ? i just bought a new pc setup ... then suddenly my core speed stuck at 800 mhz
i tried to restore default the settings in the bios but nothing happens .. it still stuck at 800mhz
my motherboard is msi .. can anyone help me in this case ?
cant be stuck at 800mhz, you need to load the the cores for the speed to increase. lowering the clock speed like that is a power savings feature, you might not be able to disable it. EIST and speedstep are what you need to look for in the bios.

to make sure its working correctly, run something like orthos or prime95 multi core. if speed doesnt go up to 3.7ghz, then something else is wrong. full system specs would be really helpfull.