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Intel Core i7-6700HQ Can it be overclocked?

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New Member
Apr 24, 2013
Hi there,
I was wondering if the Intel Core i7-6700HQ be overclocked? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am a newbie.
Never really a good idea to overclock laptop cpus.

I BELIEVE you can overclock them, but it probably wouldnt work out very well.
I don't think the bios in your laptop will have any settings that will allow you to overclock.
You will need Z170 series chipset and/or options in BIOS which let you to OC. Most laptops won't have that but if you already have a laptop with that CPU then simply check if there are any options in BIOS.
I have ROG series laptop with i5 6300HQ ( about the same features as this i7 ) and I can't make anything. I can't even set higher memory clock than 2133 as there is HM170 chipset with locked everything.
Hi there,
I was wondering if the Intel Core i7-6700HQ be overclocked? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am a newbie.

The HQ series are locked, so overclocking it is very limited. The HK series are unlocked and can be overclocked.

As much as I love overclockers.com forums, you are asking in the wrong forum for laptop overclocking as they are desktop centric and generally not knowledgeable about laptop overclocking. You should look at notebookreview.com forums for this information.

What laptop do you have? This makes a HUGE difference in your overclocking potential due to cooling and power limitations. I had to upgrade my Sager from 240w to 330w to avoid tripping it out when overclocking my GPU and CPU at the same time. I upgraded my Alienware M15x to a 240w (from 150w) PSU, i7-940XM and overclock it to around 3.45GHz across all 4 cores with the Throttlestop app. I overclock my GTX 970M with Nvidia Inspector. I get more bang for the buck overclocking the CPU as the default speed is limited to 2.4GHz with all 4 cores active. This makes a HUGE difference in gaming. :)
As others have stated HKs are the only ones that can overclock and unfortunately unlike desktops you are going to run into unusual driver and BIOS limitations that will prevent what you're looking for (faster). But on a technical level yes a laptop can be overclocked and I have done that before and it does work well but 9/10 times overclocking with a purpose is masking the true problem.

If you're doing it for the hell of it then knock yourself out but if you're looking to overclock because of _______ then what is that issue as there are better ways of solving that problem.