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Intel G3258

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New Member
Feb 3, 2017
Hi could someone help me out here.
Was told I could overclock the G3258 chip and have motherboard Asus H81M-K

But in bios when I go to change the speed and scroll down to next setting it just reverts back to the original.

I have updated bios to the newest one??
Bit stumped :(


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
I'm pretty sure it's your motherboard not the CPU. IIRC the H series weren't able to overclock.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Some socket 1150 "H" boards wouldl overclock. For instance, the MSI H81M-P33 will allow you to increase the core ratio. I have overclocked several G3258 CPUs using this motherboard. The problem is you cannot manually set the voltage. It automatically rises with the increase in CPU core speed ratio. But still, I can usually get that chip to about 4.4 ghz on this motherboard.

I also have a socket 1150 Gigabyte "H" board that will overclock. I'm using it in my HTPC right now coupled with a G3258. Earth Dog says the socket 1151 "H" boards no longer offer overclocking so if this is so there are none that do in the Skylake generation.

Part of the confusion here may be caused by the fact that some of these lower level chipset boards originally had some overclocking features but the board manufacturers discontinued that ability in later bios releases. I'm thinking there were a lot of RMAs of fried motherboards from overclocking that was too aggressive.

bigfraz5, you might check out the bios versions that were offered by the manufacturer for that motherboard. Could be that flashing it back to an earlier version will restore the ability to overclock that CPU.

Also, after you "scroll down and select a higher speed" are you saving that new setting before moving to another line? I think you have to click on it and then hit "Enter" to save the new setting. Then before exiting the bios hit the F10 key to save your settings. If this does not work, try flashing the bios back to version 0805 which was the first bios version to support the G3528. It could be that after that Asus removed the ability to overclock.

The G3258 is a fun little CPU to overclock and surprisingly capable with a big overclock. Some folks were hitting 4.8-5.0 ghz when they first came out but I could never get one past 4.7 on a decent board.
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