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Intel i7 5820k

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New Member
Jul 1, 2016
So my processor, as you see from the title, is an i7 5820k. It's base clock is 3.3 GHz and OC is 3.6 GHz. Well when I view the task manager under the performance tab, I see that it fluctuates reaching 3.96 GHz at some points. :sly: Is this dangerous? I keep an eye on my processor temps while gaming as well and the package temp only reaches about 40C. None of the cores are over 40C... What do you all think of this?
I run 5820K in 2 rigs. In both they're set at 4.2GHz ~1.20V and there are no issues at all for over a year.
Maybe your motherboard bios is sometimes bumping bclk by 1MHz and there you can have that 3.96GHz. Still it's normal so I wouldn't worry about it.
Ah, ok. Well, I didn't mess with any CPU settings specifically in the bios. However I did set the bios to a "gaming profile," so I'll assume that's what allows it?
Probably that's why clock is going up. Anyway you shouldn't have any issues because of that.