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Intel overclocking

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Aug 30, 2002
I am thinking about building a p4 system to overclock, but since I am a newbie I have a few questions. I have been looking for answers but haven't had much luck as most stuff I find applies to older setups. Anyways, I have a pretty good understanding of over clocking AMD's but as for p4's I need some info.
-That temp is the highest I want to see?
-Highest Vcore?
-And as for memory, on a XP with fsb 133 the memory runs at 266, what does it run at for intels? 133x4=533, how does ddr handle this?


Jun 23, 2002
45 degrees celsius is starting to hit the upper end of normal. i wouldnt run a P4 past 55 Celsius.

For the vcore, past about 10% of stock is taking chances. On the newer northwoods @ 1.525, i wouldnt go past 1.725 no matter what the circumstances.

your intel motherboard's chipset will determine how fast your memory runs, it has nothing to do with the 533 FSB.
some chipsets run it at 266 stock, some at 333 stock and some at 400 stock.
There are nice little Memory Dividers in most overclocker motherboards to let you OC your memory without increasing your FSB. example - running FSB at 150 mhz and using a 3:4 memory divider would mean running memory at 200 mhz, or DDR400.