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Intel Q6600 Overclocking on Dell Precision T3400

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New Member
Feb 25, 2016
Hi Fellow Overclockers. I have some noob overclocking questions about overclocking a Q6600 (G0) on a dell precision T3400 I just got off of eBay for cheap (this will be a media pc in the living room). I know that it is an OEM, and therefore the BIOS is locked, and that I can do the tape mod to get 1333 FSB, which will bring me to 3.0 GHz. But I cannot find a VID pin mod picture for the Q6600 anywhere cause it would be ideal to use set FSB to bring it up higher. Please the OC gods here help a noob.
you need the picture from intel, its in the pdf for LGA775 cpus and look at the table intel has for voltage(two different PDF's). have you done the 1333 mod, are you sure you need to vid mod the cpu? im pretty sure any G0 quad can do 3ghz on stock voltage.
Yes, I have done the 1333 mod. Lucky to be 3.0 stable. Thanks for pointing to the PDF, I have looked at the voltage tables. But I can't figure out the connection between the pins and the ones and zeros on the voltage table. Capture1.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG
Nvm I found the vid pins in the other quadrant. But do I just block the pins with a 0 value with electrical tape and leave the other pins with a 1 value exposed? Capture4.PNG
i need to look over the posts but you need to know what the vid of your cpu is before making the vid mod. coretemp and realtemp can provide that info, after that you just figure out what signal you need for the voltage on the table. then its a matter of which signal needs to be 0 or 1. i cant recall right now if 0 is grounded and 1 is to voltage..
im pretty sure any G0 quad can do 3ghz on stock voltage.

No guarantee on a motherboard without CPU load line calibration! You may be required to bump the Vcore just to keep it stable at 3.0...

My Maximus II Gene motherboard has a G0 at 3.0 with CPU load line calibration enabled...