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Intel X6 i5-9600KF based system (5.00Ghz project)

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I just had to give the dog a bone if you know what I mean
If this means setting it up properly, coolio! :)

Just for reference, I last said this in your closed thread at TPU (RE: the cooler):
Anyway...as cuckold said, start at 5ghz 1.35v and see if it is stable. Work your way down. TJmax is 100c, but as mentioned earlier, keep it at 90c or less during stress testing (can get unstable above that and leaves headroom). That cooler likely wont be able to run some stress tests at that high of voltage (depends on stress test though)[/B][/U].
I wasn't quite where other people were! :thup::attn:
If this means setting it up properly, coolio! :)

Just for reference, I last said this in your closed thread at TPU (RE: the cooler):

I wasn't quite where other people were! :thup::attn:

The performance of the cooler was never in question. Everyone knew it wasn't up to par with some of the more high end air coolers, it was chosen for aesthetics. At the very beginning of the thread I also set the expectation that if it was NOT suitable for my build in holding temps, I would upgrade to something better. And that option is still on the table.

As noted, and despite the coolers shortcomings I called 5.0GHz feasible from day one and that's exactly what I achieved :)

*heads explode*

I'll also have you note that my 5.3GHz bench setting put my 9600KF in 1st place out of 7,750 bench submissions for that CPU (100th percentile)
My G.Skill 4000MHz RAM kit was first overall (100th percentile) out of 191 subs.
And my Samsung 970 PRO 512GB SSD was also the best performer out of 48,325 submissions of identical hardware.

The only reason I lost was because my RX580 scored in the 96th percentile, so I could easily achieve #1 rank in performance out of literally hundreds of computers with similar hardware.

In case you forgot, there was only one computer that benched higher than mine at userbenchmark. So the rig was put together beautifully and had to be "set up" properly to achieve results like this.

I know, I know, people that don't like userbenchmark.com but never the less, it's a great tool for comparison, to say the least. And there are plenty of overclocked rigs on userbenchmark as well. Most people that

tweak and tune their PC like to run benchmarks. Average people with no interest in performance typically don't have the inclination to bench their machine.

Well what do you know? My 9600KF holds the national record for highest clock frequency in the United States according to HWBOT.org... and 3rd overall, globally, according to CPUz submissions.


Granted, the sample size isn't that big... but still, I think I'll take it ;)


All done with 'ultra low performing' MSI Core Frozr XL 120mm