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Interesting HSF ideal, anyone try this?

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New Member
Dec 18, 2000
I was just sitting here cultivating my science experiment in my kool-aid pitcher, and thought, what would happen if I stacked my heat sinks together and mounted 2 fans on them? Would that work effectively as a poor mans work around? (no money to buy anymore equip ;o) Has anyone tried this?
While on the subject, I've asked Jeff about this, but I want as many opinions as I can get, would I benefit cooling wise from removing the aluminum plate off the top of my K6-2?
Thanks to anyone who may reply! Have a nice day!

you wouldnt get any benefit from stacking heatsinks. but you would get a benefit from removing the IHS from your K6. the only problem is removing it. i dont know that it is possible without killing the core.
Stacking your HS's together? Do you mean on top of each other or side by side? If the HS's are small enough to fit side by side then you would get additional benefit from having them... if it's on top of one another, then I wouldn't expect any benefit b/c your just creating another space for air to get in and insulate the heat.

I have removed the IHS on a K6, and it has some nasty TIM on it... so you probably would get better cooling by removing it and putting some Arctic Silver on it. Without the IHS you'll have to watch out for crushing the core, but unless your putting a large copper HS on there you don't have too much to worry about.