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Interesting new cooler

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I didn't see any mention of weight anywhere. It is milled aluminum so it shouldn't be too bad- less than a hedgehog I would bet.
i would certainly hope it is less than a hedgehog those things are a tad too heavy for my liking. well im sure we'll find out soon enough....seems to cool very well though.....if i needed a new hsf that would be the one...providing i could find 70$.......
Jeezy Pete, what a monster. All I could think of, though, was that if they had not bothered to bevel off the top, it could probably take an 80 instead of a 60mm fan. Now, that would be something.
It is indeed impressive and a testimony to passive heat movement, with it's 3 degree differential, but
more than the price, I worry about the weight stress it would place on the CPU socket in a tower mount.

Hey - that's a pretty simple design. I should make one of these in the shop. I never wanted to make a heatsink before, because we don't have any CNC at work. Bet I could crank one of these things out in less than a half an hour or less. I'd make it a little bigger though, with a bunch of smaller holes.
Bah...you don't need a CNC to make a heatsink and horizontal mill with a 1/16" slitting saw will do...
Never FEAR...MetaXas is here. I have got an e-mail shot off to the company that makes those puppies, and asked them about the weight, and if it weighs less then the hedgehog, well, anyone wanna buy a barley used Hedgehog?
i don't know...it seems to be a good cooler but only 3 degrees C? And thats at 1.95volts...it seems good if you have the room and are building, but not worth it for an upgrade. I know I wouldn't spend $70+shipping for a 3C decrease... thats just my opinion. Also theres the problem everyone else already stated, the weight??might have to leave the the box on its side to avoid any unwanted stress, all that for 3C?? just not my kinda upgrade...IMHO
If it really works as well as they imply, there will be clones around for 1/2 the price before long. Since it's just made from bar stock rather than extrusion it would be simple to crank out.
Yep, the knock-offs will be quick to follow. The company never did e-mail me back, and that sucks. Oh well, the hedgehog seems to be doing all right, 107F isn't too bad.
It would be interesting to have the dimensions for one of these, and calculate the surface area within the fan's airflow. Add the external surface to it, and it could be fairly large.
by drilling four holes at the base of the heat sink I believe that you will reduce the HSF ability to conduct heat (insufficient mass at point of contact)

oops i mean five
To a degree I'm sure you're right, but it's still a matter of the overall thermal mass. The base may be as thick as a conventional heatsink. If you effectively cool the mass, the actual configuration shouldn't matter too much. Mass may actually be improved in this configuration, provided enough surface area is exposed to air flow.