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Interesting question...

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Jun 27, 2001
If you completely dried out a computer and a freezer, placed the computer in the freezer and maintained 0 humidity (You'd have to drill a hole in the door and seal it with the cords coming through) would it make a decent cooling system? Or am I missing something?
Freezers do well in dropping the temperature and maintaining it on a sinking load. By that, I mean an object that starts out warm, but slowly drops to the set-point of the freezer. An ice cube tray, full of water, may start out at room temperature, but it does not generate heat, once it is put in the freezer. It slowly gives up its heat until it reaches the freezers intended temperature. A device that is continuously generating more heat will overwhelm the average freezer after a short while. Most freezers, are not powerful enough to handle continuously removing the heat generated by a PC. I'm sure there is one out there that is, but it is not your typical Frigidaire.

you're definatly not the first one to come up with this idea. It has been discussed here many times befor but as fas as I know no one has actually done it yet.

good idea if it gets into practice.
maybe someone more knowlegible can help if you have specific questions.
So what if you got several freezer coils and had them all running simultaneously? Would they still burn out? Maybe if they ran in a sequence taking shifts or something...?
Staz, I always enjoy hearing from you so I can read that sig again. Still makes me chuckle.