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Interleaving - Is it really worth it?

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Nov 7, 2008
Huntsville, Al
Ok so I've been having some problems with my computer literally ever since the first time I turned it, random BSOD's, the infamous video driver crash (this is really really bad!!), failed boot-up attempts where it doesn't even make it into windows the system just resets 2-3, sometimes even 4 times before I can even make it into windows itself! I've tried every possible (normal) way to stabilize my system including downclocking both memory and cpu, using very very relaxed timings while at 800mhz while my memory is rated for 1066 at 5-5-5-15-22 and even upping the voltages to what I would call extreme levels with little to no improvement.

Up until now I had just about given up hope for this system's worthiness till I decided it couldn't hurt to mess around with all the settings in the BIOS I knew absolutely nothing about and i've made a breakthrough I believe. After messing around in the BIOS and turning off both bank and channel interleaving...I haven't once had a single video driver mishap or random startup BSOD. Of course only time will really tell if it for sure might have fixed the problem along with a few more tests but maybe :confused:

After some reading it seems as though these only help with memory bandwidth. I would love to try the different settings but after installing SP2 for Vista I cannot get Sandra to install nor can I get some of my other programs including my printer drivers and software to install. So im wondering, how much of a hit am I really going to take by leaving these disabled if they prove to solve my stability issues?

Also if anyone knows of another memory bandwidth benchmark besides Sandra i'd be glad to know, i've done a little bit of searching and haven't come up with much besides perhaps Everest I believe.

Ok so I downloaded Everest Ultimate Edition trial and tested my ram with different settings. I also forgot to mention that memory hole remapping was enabled and I disabled it along with the interleaving options. I also read a few google hits that with 64bit os's and older Motherboards this could possibly cause stability problems so im going to leave this option off as I now know what this setting is for.

Anyway according to Everest with all interleaving off I get... (All readings are in MB/s)
Read - 7491
Write - 5131
Copy - 7388
Latency -55.5ns

With interleaving on...
Read - 7777
Write - 5213
Copy - 8908
Latency -55.9ns

So it does make somewhat of a difference for those of you who didn't know.
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