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Intermittent problem with santa cruz sound card in 5.1

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New Member
Dec 20, 2003
I purchased the turtle beach santa cruz sound card a little over a year ago and I didn't have many major problems, however after purchasing the Klipsch 5.1 ultras (great speakers, btw), I started noticing that the right channel (speaker) would play substantially louder than the left, even when the balance was centered (I'd say about 40-80% louder, respectively). I tried upgrading the drivers and the problem went away for a few days but came back. It seems to go away on its own (when I reset, usually) and then come back aribrarily.
I determined it was not the speakers. I reconnected my old Boston Accoustics 2.1s and they too played disproportially (its just more noticeable on the Klipsch, which are much louder/more precise). I also deterimined that the problem was not software related. It seems to happen when using Wimamp 3 and Windows media player. It primarily happens when playing an audio CD.
Also, it may be my imagination, but even when they appear to be playing evenly, it seems as the though the right channel still is favored (sightly louder/more pronounced)... though, I'd need a device to measure decibels from each speaker to be absolutely certain. Additionally, I was testing the speakers before and I noticed that when they are playing "evenly" and I turn the balance all the way to the right, substantial sound still comes from the left speaker, and vic versa... as far as I am aware, there should be NO sound coming from the dimmed speaker... it's like I am hardly moving the left/right balance when I slide it all the way to either side.
Lastly, I'm not sure if this problem is directly related but it seems like whenever i run Winamp or a game my sound settings in Control Panel/Sound and audio devices/advanced audio properties will change from 5.1 to 4.1 or 2.1.
I am running Windows XP professional. system specs below:
Athlon 1.01 Ghz, 512 RAM, GeForce 2 64 MB
Any help/suggestions would be appriciated. thanks.