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Internet Connection Sharing

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Jan 22, 2002
Fargo, ND
I am planning on networking my two computers together on Tuesday. I was just wondering what the difference would me if i were to use Internet Connection Sharing or a program called Proxy from AnalogX.com? My main PC will have windows XP pro on it and the second PC will be a duel boot with either windows 98se or 2000 and Linux Mandrake. I will be networking them with just a crossover cable.
Well, from my experience, ICS is seemless... you don't get any slowdown and you can't even tell anything is different. AnalogX seems to slow things down, and you don't get all ports opened easily. If I was using Windows XP Pro, I would use ICS.. 1 click and you are pretty much done.
Although easy & free, I found that there are a few drawbacks to using ICS. The biggest one was that the computer running ICS (the XP machine in your case) will have to be left on at all times inorder for the other machine to access the internet. I thought that this would not be a big deal because I leave my main computer on 24/7, but what I found happening was that my main machine was down for various reasons (upgrades, reinstall OS, maintenance, etc) more than I thought. The other members of my family always griped about not being able to get on the internet because there was always something that had to get...
Anyway, I dumped ICS & put in a router. Now I don't have to listen to the complaints anymore.
I am having a hell of a time getting ICS to work. I can see each of my PCs from each other, but I can't get internet connections on the second one. I have went through the ICS wizzards a dozen times. It seems so easy yet can't get it to work.
Serious ICS Question

I have 2 comps.
WinXP Pro with a dialup modem and NIC.
98 with a dialup modem and NIC.
Lots of the time I simply want to get both computers online at the same time. If I use ICS, and use the WinXP system to dialup, can I still dialup on the 98 system using its own modem.

I ask this because often my XP computer is not online, and the 98 system needs to be. Send me some feedback.
Thanks, Tim