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---Invisible Case REV 2.14---

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World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
Invisible Case REV 2.14

hey all! got some more stuff for modding the invisible case so i thought
i'd post the new Rev.

here is my first version of the INVISIBLE CASE!

now for the pics! feel free to ask questions

Day pics



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Man, I dont see how you do it....

Acctually I had a invisible case for a little this week for my one slow comptuer, but it is housed now.
awesome airflow, easy access to everything, it's different! :p
If you squint you can kind of see the case... Oh wait, maybe's that just the ghetto shine..
dude kick a$$ case. I have one too. Airflow is great!!!!!! indeed.

But ESD (static electricity) scares the crap out of me. I am really worried about it. A big danger is the exp cards wobbling in the slots. Or well, a flying soda. Or a fallen screw.

You case looks better than mine, i dig the lights
thanks for all the comments guys! and thanks Tbolt! hehe, really sweet grill! :p

i aint too worried about ESD as i gots w00d floors but i probably
will end up spilling a drink or something as i am clumsy :p
lol damn that thing looks like white trash! Haha nice work with el wire from xoxide i spose- I thought it was 1 per customer?
well i ordered 3 about 4 hours after x hour was over and they still honored it :p
Cool, I like all the lights!

Say Fox, uh you going to put a window and a blowhole in that case? :p
Hey starfox, I had friday off the whole day, and I was really really really bored, so I tried the invisable case thing too. My sister freaked out when she came in my room. Needless to say its back in its case. :( But I have some ideas from your idea! Yea, I know, Im a poser, I dont care. ;) Really cool stuff.
starfox i have a question what do you lay your mobo on.... do you just put it on the table or do you put anything under it or what?