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IO voltage settings, is 3.69 to high?

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New Member
Dec 18, 2000
I am running my 600 duron at 978Mhz right now. have an a7v (1.02) with 103*9.5. I want to get higher but everything i try just won't start windows up. The temp is fine with the alpha 6035 (under 48C full load)

I have the I\O set to 3.56V, that is default by the manual. Well turning it up to 3.69V let me push it more? also how hard is 3.69V on my system? is something going to blow in a week or what? the asus manual gives a big warning about turning it up...

thanks for the knowlage
Upping the I/O voltage does only help the fsb speed, If you have hit your cpu's max you are not going any higher with higher I/O.

If you can run your fsb speed higher than 103 with lower multiplier, you are stuck (then 978 is just your cpus max at current voltage/temps) . However if you cannot run you fsb higher than 103 at all, you might get little higher with higher I/O.
I am not recommending using high I/O voltage, since I dont know how high is safe. But I have been running 3,8V for several weeks without problems. It is up to you if you want to try this ;D
Just try it at 3.69V - it won't fry anything straight away at least >(
If it does let you get higher, then consider running it permanently, but bear in mind what Kat and Eriksson have said above. Howvever, if you can't get past 103, even on a KT133 mobo, I suspect it's something else - maybe a network card, scsi/raid card (they're notorious for disliking fsb speed increases), or maybe your RAM is set to CAS 2 and can't take it above 133MHz. You could try lowering your RAM timings and perhaps trying without sidebanding and fast writes on your AGP card to take any strain off anything that could be limiting you. I suspect any gain you get won't be worth it - if something's crapping out at only 103MHz with 3.56V, I doubt going to 3.69 will get you much more than 105/107 fsb - and is it worth running that high a voltage for?
I'm running at the same speed (9,5x103=978MHz), and I have tried to upper the I/O volt to 3.69, and IwWas able to do 109x9.0=981MHz. It's a better oc, cuz the FSB is higher, but I don't like running at 3.69 volt. Also my GeForce2 MX starts to make green lines when I run a FSB speed that is higher than 105MHz:( Anyone who knows why I get the green lines?