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Iomega Internal 250meg Drive Conversion to External?

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Feb 26, 2003
I have an old Iomega Internal 250meg Drive. Can I convert into an external drive? If so, what type of external drive enclosure and possible sled would I need? It looks like it has the standard 40 pin connector in the back, w/molex for power.

I have a bunch of zip disks I need to go through.

The external measurements are ~ 3" 15/16" wide, 15/16" tall, 6 7/16" deep.
well your a bit behind on getting an external enclouse for 3.5in drive to usb. not sure how much luck you would have finding one of these..
other then what i can think, does your have the 5.25in faceplate?

other wise assuming it is just the 3.5in version get one of these
then get this enclosure
then to tie it in your need one of these adapters, you will need to figure out which one will fit best to leave room to hook up to the SATA connector.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812270236 <- i used this one to hook up an old Seagate Barracuda ATA4 drive to sata.

now the only thing to worry about is the two different controllers talking to each other. as you need the controller for IDE->SATA then another controller to take SATA->USB. the one he linked to doesnt need/use a enclosure, it isnt ment to be something for on the go usage. the device he listed would be more for testing older drives on newer hw to see if they work ect or on the go tech troubleshooting older drive on another pc. hopefully all that made sense, what you want now was around maybe 5yrs ago maybe longer for IDE to USB. you might have better luck looking on ebay for these older devices but you will still need to use the 3.5in to 5.25in drive adapter on these older ide to usb enclosures.