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iPod Crashed and wont restart!

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Jul 12, 2002
Columbus, OH - GO BUCKS!
No kidding...I turned on my ipod (the newest generation, a 10 GB model) after I unplugged it from the charger...hit the "play" button to play the song it had brought up...it didnt respond. Tried to get out into the playlist menu and nothing happened. (yes, the hold switch was off..)

I used the reset "switch" (holding menu and play for 5 seconds)...it shut down, the apple logo came up, but it ISN'T loading up! It just hangs at the apple logo. Every time I restart it, it never finishes loading up, just hangs at the apple logo. I can't even turn it off! (really wish I could take the battery out right now...)

Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone?
when I got mine (old skule 5gb version) it had a NINTY DAY warranty - cheeky or what? Mine did something similar once. Try plugging it into your computer and if see if you can reformat it or flash the firmware.
Hope you get it sorted. If my ipod died for too long I'd start crying.
I have several ipods ranging from the first generation to the newest and this has happened to me several times. The only thing that fixed it for me was letting the battery drain completely which seemed to reset it.
hmm...the battery is practically gone (when I turn it on now, the same Apple logo pop's up but the low battery symbol pops up, and the unit shuts down...). When I stick it in the charger, the same problem occurs...do I have to wait until the battery is absolutely wasted?