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IRQ settings

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Feb 5, 2001
I always checked the IRQ assignment when windows is booting up and never saw any problems. But checking what windows shows in properties it tells me that my SB Live, Radeon, PCI to USB card,NIC and ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering (what the hell is this?) are sharing IRQ 11.

Now after doing my research I thought I had setup my PCI cards in the best possible way. I put the SB Live in slot 3 because that slot isn't supposed to share any IRQs. Or so I thought. My NIC is in slot 2 (which shares IRQs with slot 6).

The Radeon and the USB do share the same IRQ but I can't figure out the others.

Any suggestions on how I can make sure that Windows assigns IRQs properly or do I just have to do the ol switcheroo on my PCIs until I get what I want?

I have been having this same deal with a Abit KT7A mobo. Some pci cards don't mind if they share an irq. Newer ones that is. I set up the Abit board like this.

AGP card.
SB live pci 4
Modem (or NIC) in pci 6
Disable USB irq in bios
Disable serial ports in bios.

Latest drivers for ALL hardware including your chipset.
This is crutial.
The sb live modem and usb are on irq 10 but this thing is solid. 48 hrs straight q3 loop.

Hope this helps and good luck.....
Da Whip (May 14, 2001 09:08 p.m.):
Here are the IRQ settings for KK 266;

Thanks Dawhip, that's actually where I got my info from also. The KK266 FAQ has lots of great info. That is what confused me though. According to the FAQ, the SBLive shouldn't be sharing at all. I don't know; I guess that's where all the SB Live problems stem from though; regardless of what I tell it in the Bios it seems to love IRQ 11.

I'm using Windows 98SE btw. I decided to try and reassign my other cards since the Sb wouldn't budge. I havn't been able to test it out but I'll see if it works.