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is 250 ok for a 1.4tbird?

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definately not......
my 300w enlight gave me probs, if your gonna o/c than id go with a 400w antec, their cheap
300+ for sure, something with at least 150W combined 3.3+5v, more if you're overclocking. My tbird @ 1575 does fine on my 300W btw... but I have 220W on the 3.3+5V.
actuallyit all just depends on the 5v rail some peeps might not have a prob (like me) i ran an [email protected] on a 200 watt MAX PS, generic also. and it was rock stable. But that was just shear luck also.

Id recommend a 300watt MINIMUM. I use a 300watt on my 1580mhz rig now and all is well but its still marginal in power im sure
Definately not. I am using a Antec 403 and am happy with it. It (and the 413) have the ability to adjust both the 3.3v and the 5v/12v lines. Present system is pushing 2.35v on the cpu and 250 is not going to do this.:)
I'm using a enhance 300 watter. can't go any higher than 1630 no matter how cool cpu is. If I raise my vcore past 1.85 forget about it. wont post except at default. my 5+ lines is 4.78. I think a 400w psu is in order.
I had a 300 Watt PSU with my XP 1600, it restarted when i played a game for about an hour. I upgraded to a 375 Watt with 2 fans and now my puter never restarts by itself.