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Is 52c too hot?

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I'm a nubie to this forum and to overclocking. I've heard that AMD Athlon slot 1 is a good overclocker and I've oc'd it through fsb to 770. My buddy says its way too hot, but I've heard these chips can run hotter then INTEL chips. But is this toooo hot? I'm using VIA Hardware monitor to view my temps. I'd appreciate any feedback.
thats not bad for the generic hsf. You will get much temps by using thermal grease instead of the pad and by using a better hsf.
it seems a little warm to me, how high are your ambient temps? this will affect your CPU temps allot. Good case cooling? If you overclock any more you may want to get a better heatsink fan HSF. useing a good thermal compound as William said will help out allot you can get some at radioshack the best is arctic silver-2 but you will probably have to wait to get it as it is usualy through the mail. A couple of case fans at 10 bucks a piece will help cool your case for a start.
Hey couch..is that your temp at idle...or after you get done gaming or something? How many fans to do you have on this machine? Btw....Welcome to the forums!
Sorry for no reply..that was my first post and I kinda forgot I put it there. It is currently idling at 53c and I used radioshack paste. I have a single 40 mm fan in the front bottom as the intake (still has perforated holes which I wanna cut out soon) and one side cover I leave off. It seems stable but my buddy has made me paranoid about the temps. Thanks for the help guys!.....oh and my ambient temp is about 89deg farenheit today.
its better to be paranoide than oblivious.

First thing you need is better case cooling, i would get some 90 or 120 mm fans and aim for atleast 80 cfm. A better heatsink is the next step, but if your case temp is high the best heatsink wont cool it.

www.2cooltek.com has some good case cooling articles, and the front page of this site has some good stuff to.