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Is 60 Degrees Celsius Too Hot?

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May 29, 2001
Hey folks,

I'm experimenting with some OCing of my new chip and motherboard, and running Asus's Tempster software to monitor temps as I game.

I've got a PIII-750E chip (runs at 100fsb standard) at 124fsb and the Vcore pumped up to 7.50. My motherboard is an Asus P3v4x and my graphics card is a Cardexpert Geforce2 MX with AGP 4x and fastwrites. The processor is slot-1.

Running the card with some emulation gaming software, the temps peaked at 60 degress celsuius. What I'm wondering is...Is this too hot? I'm looking for a good point to set my threshhold, and, at the same time, wondering if I can't do anything to cool it more.

I've replaced Intel's fan with a triple fan and heatsink. I didn't use any thermal compound or anything like that between the chip and heatsink, only what was already there. Is there anything I can do to cool this baby off? This was with one side of the case wide open, by the way.

Should I worry? Suggestions?


Ok, if you have the second computer, TURN THE ONE WITH THE 60'C CHIP OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!!! and read this post on the second one, because:

1) 60'C it way to hot for an intel chip, and it might kill it
2) not using any thermal paste is not loving your CPU. The chip might die without it, many people might be surprised that the chip is still alive.

To lower the temperature, USE thermal paste. Many people use Arctic Silver 2, because it is very good. Another thing that you can do is lap the heatsink (sandpaper it to a mirror finish).

I've heard that some Asus temperature monitors are about 10'C off, so get something like SiSoft Sandra, and use it to monitor your temperature.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. :)

haha. i dont think thats possible anyways slap a thin layer of thermal grease in there for now. 60 is way too hot.

i think default voltage should be somewhere arround 1.7v or less for 100 fsb
first off go to radioshack and get some thermal compound for your CPU 60C is way too hot i highly recomend that you shut your PC off untill you get your temps down if your CPU was a 1gig you would have fried it by now. read through the tips section and get a good cooling background and your PC will thank you!. Also you have your CV wrong you may be running 1.75 though. I'm not sure what brand of heatsinkfan [HSF] you have but if it is not a top of the line HSF then you will want to get one if you want to have a stable machine thats overclocked to its highest potential. Well first shut your PC off or set it to default speeds untill you can get your temps down when your temps are down read up and you may end up with a great PC
Added> When I started this post there was only one reply. Way to go guys!!
Oh yeah, way too hot. You need to get some thermal paste on that baby. You can pick some up at Radio Shack. You didn't mention case cooling other than one side being off.While the side is off, aim a room fan at the mobo and check temps. If they reduce a lot you need to add some case fans. To further reduce temps you may want to lap the heatsink. For details on these and other ideas check out the COOLING section of the tips and techniques section on the home page.
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