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is 75 c too hot?

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Shadow ÒÓ

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Dec 20, 2000
Pensacola, Florida USA
I've been running my PIII 150 at 75c for a month or so.......the system will actually heat a room and I'm able to stick it in my bedroom and turn off the furnace at nigth (it's on a timer) to keep the bedroom toasty warm. Great thing this Intel.......does well to run games, but also passes for a furnace when I want to sleep.

Also, I'm not using any thermal paste. I think this is hype by vendors and I'm running fine without it. If there was a need, I wouldn't be running fine!

Cooling systems? Bah.......you guys are nuts for spending tons of money on coolers as most processors will run fine without one. I only have one because it helps transfer heat to my 12mm fan to move the heat into my bedroom.

You guys (seniors) should stop promoting unnecessary hardware like coolers...........

WHO CAN REACH THE "SLAP" KEY FASTER! This is honestly the thinking I've been seeing around here.
I never used to use thermal paste, well until I bought my first AMD chip three years ago that is. Ever since, thermal paste is here to stay for me (or paraffin wax if I'm fresh outta paste). Then a bit latter I bough my first K6-3, and learned that OEM sinks couldn't cut it for OCing anymore. Then a bit later I figured out that air cooling couldn't cut it anymore (on an AMD system that is). Now I've taken a step backwards, been playing with Intel chippies for a few months, I like the fact that they run well and cool without anything really special for a heatsink (my now retired P3 500E would run fine at stock speeds with a passive sink!).

These guys need to get with the program, cooling is a necessity, not a gimmick.
my worry is this.......and Dan....I'd like a response from you...........

I see posts crazy as this.........

or better yet, people asking questions where their systems are obviously out of spec and then 10 nubies answer with "yea.......that's ok" but they are way wrong.

Should I butt in and say "this is what I would do" or would saying that start a flame war.

It's unbelieveable what some "educated" people will say! I constantly gasp at responses in the networking section but does being a senior carry enough weight to say "well the last 20 people that responded to your post are total idiots..........this is the answer" and it's considered trust worthy info?

I've responded to such posts and have yet to get flamed, but those "experts" (especially when responding in numbers) are kinda discouraging.
I post replies that contradict a thread when I know it to be a fact. You can do so without intentionally being inflammatory, despite the temptation. If the people on the receiving end can't deal with it, walk away. You can lead horses to water...

Opinions, suspicions, half-assed ideas, rants without audiences, "Chevy vs Ford" wars, etc., come with the territory. Even the rare pearl or wisdom.

If I feel compelled, I wade into the fray. Sometimes I look away in contempt or frustration.

Every reader is their own censor. Every poster their own editor.

Just my opinion here.

hoot's on the button.. that's the way it should be!

as for seniors having enough clout.. i think you do, esp. if you know you're right. and other seniors, including skip and dan, will always back another senior in a fire-fight, if he's right. you needn't worry about that.