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is 8 ms response time acceptable ?

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Dec 6, 2014
Hi guys . i've got a simple question , im looking for new monitor , and i dont know what to do. One is LED and has 5ms response time with 1000:1 contrast . Other one has 8 ms response time and contrast of 3000:1. Im a gamer of course , so i'd like to know your opinions guys . If you want , i can post links to closer specs.
Feel free to post links to the monitors as they may be different display panel type.

I personally can't tell a huge difference but everyone's different.
Yo guys , any1 ? I gotta reserve my choice before christmas in my country
If you're just gaming, get the LG.
If you do any photo editing, get the BenQ.
well im using my pc for everything , from gaming to studying , im often reading texts from pictures so i pretty need the contrast benq offers , im so confused at the moment , but that LG looks pretty nice as well tho
If you're not doing photo or video editing the LG is plenty serviceable and has a better response time for gaming.
8ms is the edge of yes/no for a gaming monitor in my mind.
So its up to me to choose between Picture and response time ? i've read that 8 ms can cause ghosting effects etc , also , the LG is like 50 $ more expensive so...I dont know , did you have expirience with the LG-s , i really care about the color/contrast .
If you really care about the color/contrast then spend the money to get a nicer display that has what you are looking for.

I agree with ATM that 8ms is about as slow as I would want it, but when I moved from a 12ms to an 8ms it was a great improvement, I believe all/most of my monitors are 8ms or below IPS displays which show little ghosting/if any.
Its price is going well over my budget

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I need something under 200 $ with 23-24' if its possible
Well for me anything over 5ms is not a good idea for a gaming setup. Also led's monitors pull less power then other monitors.

I'm spoiled I have a high end crt witch dose not have a response time and far better contrast and color them most lcds and even some ips.
If your short on spending cash and don't mind a big hevy monitor with vga then look for a crt locally. You can get them for free and make for a grate gaming monitor. No native resolution too. But in the long run they are a bad idea unless if you know how to work on them and they pull far more power too. But you can't beat free.
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I totally dont get anything from what you said , but all the monitors with rt under 5 ms are or expensive or having low contrast . I've heared ghosting is appearing in such fast games like project cars or games of that type , im mostly LoL , Gta 5 , cs go player .
That is we're the second hand market comes in. Have you tried looking at pre owned monitors.
yes and i've found DELL S2440Lb without warranty , made in 2013 year for 150 $ , but hes quite far away from me im scared of transport
If you're not doing photo or video editing the LG is plenty serviceable and has a better response time for gaming.
8ms is the edge of yes/no for a gaming monitor in my mind.

Yeah personally 5ms is my limit and I don't even game that competitively. It's just one of those standards at this point. Having said that, IPS all day erryday.
I like my 4 ms PLS Samsung no ghosting at all. IPS is also good. Do not get a TN Panel if your in front of the screen allot.
Thats what i think of too , i heared its good for response time but its colors r quite bad so , and its cheap . I think ill go with the benq , since my only left choices are him and aoc with 1000:1 contrast and 5ms response.
Also if you like to move in the chair or look at different angles to the screen, TN panes are vary bad for that.
TN panel's viewing angle is very bad compared to others indeed, agreed.

Just a note, "vary" means to switch states (like on and off)... "very" is an adverb for emphasis.