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Is a 300W PSU enough...?

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Apr 21, 2001
Den Haag, The Netherlands

I was wondering... I'm going to upgrade my system this summer (been almost a year since the last one) and I have some questions you guys and/or girls my want to answer for me.

These are my specs at the moment:
- 300W PSU
- Celeron 566MHz @ 876MHz
- 52W Peltier air cooled by a FKP32
- IBM HDD's (75GXP 45GB & 34GXP 13,6GB)
- Asus CUSL2 with 256MB (2 * 128MB)
- Asus V7700 GeForce 2 GTS / 32MB
- Diamond MX300 (AurealVortex 2)
- Tekram 315 SCSI
- 3COM 905B-TX
- Plextor SCSI 40 speed / Plextor 161040 burner IDE
- 2 * 92mm fan's / 1 * 80mm fan / 1 * 486 fan on chipset (dunno CFM's)

For now, this combination works great

Now, this is what I want to upgrade too (mainly):

- P3 1GHz CD0
- 78W Peltier air cooled by a Thermoengine V60-4225 5800rpm

Other things are a Hercules Fortissumo II and maybe some other cooling for the videocard. But that of a later concernce.
Also I want to buy 2 sticks of Mushkin 256MB Rev. 2 DIMM's.

Now the question is, will all this still work work with a 300W PSU or is upgrading to a 350W or even 400W advisable?
And, is getting a 78W Peltier very usefull with the 1GHz CD0? I would like to go for at least 1.2GHz if possible you see.

Water cooling isn't an option at the moment for since I don't have enough space on my bedroom ;-)

So, can someone give me answers about this. I would really like to know.

Thanks in advance!
the 300w would probally work but it might be stressing it a bit if it were me id go for a bigger power supply..Enermax's 431w psu isnt that expensive, just saw one on ebay for $80, and saw the 350w for $50,though im sure there are better prices out there