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Is a power supply upgrade needed?

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Oct 2, 2003
I have an Asrock Z87M Extreme4 with a intel i7-4770k, 16gb ram and an SSD 4 hard drives and a optical drive. No gfx card. Don’t judge. This is powered by a Rosewill Capstone 550 PSU. Currently it is in a XION xon-560 case. I also have 3TB in a USB dock and a spare ssd that I would like to put to better use.

My plan is to add a sata card and get a node 804 case but I do not know if I need to upgrade the PSU or not to handle additional hard drives.
I run all my drives without raid and am not really interested in going the raid route as the media is replaceable.

Quiet psu is important and the Rosewill has been great in this regard. I am just not sure if it is enough to handle 3 more HDs.

I did a deep clean on the master bath while the finance Commandant was on a work trip and was able to skillfully negotiate that into $500 worth of supplies toward this goal. I am looking at $50-75 for a 4 port sata controller, $20 for fan(s), $100 for the Node-804 case, maybe $200 for a psu and $100 for an additional 4tb hd. I am leaning toward a Titanium PSU, if one is needed at all, because this is my primary computer for all things and it is always on.

Suggestions would be incredibly awesome.
HDDs only use a few watts my man (peak use on spinup 10w give or take a couple). You can see that in their specifcations. ;)

Youll be fine. :)
HDDs only use a few watts my man (peak use on spinup 10w give or take a couple). You can see that in their specifcations. ;)

Youll be fine. :)

Its going to require some SATA power splitters... that is my main concern. Also, how do I stagger startup?
That shouldn't be an issue.

Why would you want to stagger them on startup? I don't know how to do that, but there isn't a reason to here in the first place. Though everything is ramping up, the entire system still isn't using more power than when fully loaded or gaming even. The CPU isn't pegged at 100% the GPU isn't doing anything but putting an image on screen. ;)
Futureproof is what you want. Seasonics have a 7yr warranty and mine is fanless. Plus bigger is always better as long as the case can hold it. I really wanted a sff but my 520 is perfect for my setup.
as earthdog says, it's a non issue as long as the 550 watt psu is 6 years old or less.
two of my boards have hdd on/off function, the 2 drives on or off equal nothing.
According to the PSU calculator here:

Your current setup requires about 350 watts including some headroom. Adding the SATA card, another fan and another hard drive takes you up to 380 watts with a sustained load of 330 watts. 550 watts is more than you need without a GPU so have fun.
My Corsair HX 620 power supply unit has lasted for 10 years in my main rig, you will be fine.
Thanks for the assistance folks! I was able to save a bundle by not getting a new PSU and picked up another HD instead.