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Is Asus Probe reliable?

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Sep 21, 2002
Jarvis, Ontario, Canada
i just built the system below. i have yet to buy any new cooling for my cpu and out of curiousity i wanted to know how warm it was. i installed probe which had come with my mobo and it told me that my chip was running at 50C. this kinda freaked me out. upon inspection of my bios and IT said that the chip was at about 25-30C. i checked with sisoftware sandra's mainboard summary thingy and it agreed. what's going on with probe.
my question is this: is probe usually reliable and is sandra and my bios completely reliable?

b.t.w. probe's temps of my mobo agreed with the bios and sandra.
asus probe plainly sucks, just get the lastest MBM5 and pick the asus 2 sensor for your cpu and asus 1 for your system temps.
I believe those temps are still 5ºC above real on die temp
Neo_peter said:
i thought mbm uses the same sensor as the asus probe does, it's just different software.

no it doesnt, asus probe uses Asus 2 (CLU or something), you have to pick the RAW a¡Asus 2 to get somewhat realistic temps, thats only possible with mbm5
the anser is NO software based probe is reliabe.
they are over 10% off (either) hot or cold , and they are not consistantly off either, so callabration is not possible.
many tests have been done in the past compairing software probes to digital, and the software dissapoints EVERY time.

They are good for a general IDEA of temps, but as for hard data, they just dont provide
I use both MBM 5.20 and Pc Probe 2.18.02...the temps agree 100%, at least in my case (P4b533). Now, i have tried EVERY option that MBM5 gives me to select a specific sensor and i havent seen differences yet...the only thing is that MBM5 gives me 2 more temps...one shows -1C all the time (yeah, very reallistic!!!) and the second one shows 21C no matter what...so i would say that pc probe works fine for me...

The only real differences i am getting between these 2 progs is with +12V measurment...while pc probe under extreme stress shows 11.9V MBM5 gives me a nice 11.3V...yeah, right...so i bought a Herolchi 450W psu for nothing...
all software based solutions should agree 100% as they both read the same reading.

You need to buy a digital Probe (such as compunurse like PhobMX said) to get accurate temps. A motherboard can not give accurate temps todate. Different BIOS versions with the same motherboard will also give you different temps very often.
So the only way to get accurate temps, is an indipendant DIGITAL PROBE.

As for voltages and software readings... that is another story. They are not perfect, but very close to the reading that you will get with a multimeter, close enough to trust.