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Is Corsair CX750 enough for 2- 290x crossfire and I7-6700k? Or so i need a 850pw

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Feb 16, 2016
I already bought the CX750. Was checking out part pickers and was saying based on my system i need at least 850W power supply.

I was getting a good deal on a corsair tx-850 so was thinking of going with that. What do you guys think??

People with CX750 are saying its more than enough. What do you guys think 750W enough to power crossfire 290x?
Should be enough if you're not modding the BIOS on the cards, but the CX isn't exactly the pinnacle of quality.
TDP on 290x is 250W. 2 is obviously 500w. Your cpu you cannot overclock is 88w. If both were running 100% at the same time, think stress testing or distributed platforms...not gaming, that leaves 150w for tbe rest of your system which the mobo fans, drives, etc, don't come close to using.

I ran a 295x2 (2 290x on a sine card) and a 5820k overclocked to 4.2 ghz with no problems... then again, it was a higher quality psu...the evga supernova g2 750w.
I found the TDP closer to 300w at Anandtech.

Based on our test results we’re seeing 290X draw more power than any other “250W” card in our collection, and in reality the TDP of the card is almost certainly closer to 300W. There are limits to how long the card can sustain that level of power draw due to cooling requirements, but given sufficient cooling the power limit of the card appears to be around 300W, and for the moment we’re labeling it as such. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7457/the-radeon-r9-290x-review
I found the TDP closer to 300w at Anandtech.

And, at the wall, the cards in Crossfire from your link are still only pulling ~720W with an overclocked 4960X.
Take out PSU efficiency, 92% in this case, and the PSU only has to supply 662W.

Guess what, still well under 750W for the system.
I guarantee that CPU is pulling more than 62W also.
I totally agree with you Atminside, I was just saying where I found the information.:) Some times you just have to filter out what Anandtech says and you did.