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Is DDR ram worth it for just gaming?

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Apr 3, 2001

I to am having a problem picking a motherboard. The problem is that do i want DDR ram and what benifits it has for gaming. I was planing on my 512 of PC133 for the AbitKT7A Raid board. But i was thinking why not 512 of DDR for the IWILL KT266-R Raid. (price is not an object) I upgrade my computer every 18 months or so. I am having a hard time with this. Some one please break it down for me. I have read about 2 dozen site on this. All i wanna know is what the best possible board for gaming and overclocking my 1.33 TBird.
Okay - here's my little bit of knowledge on the subject:
Originally I planned on going with a DDR system for my new one, but I decided against it for several reasons: basically, it's not mature. DDR standards are still kind-of hazy and there is still the possibility for the whole thing to change right now - I hear (hear mind you) that nVidia is thinking about getting into a DDR chipset and that they have some changes they want made to it. Basically all of the available sets look like they're - well - not ready. So it's a question of upgrades and chances. If you don't mind buying memory now that you KNOW will be out-dated in the future, but will be cheaper, for a more stable system and better motherboard company (Abit) then go with a KT7a-(RAID if you like), if you either want the option to keep your DDR (Which may or maynot still be usable), can take the fact that you're being a guinea pig, and the fact current motherboards and processors just can't take advantage of DDR - go with it for that nice little boost.

I have no doubt that DDR is the future, it's the question of which part of the future. If you do a complete re-haul every 18 months I seriously recommend the SDRam, if it's just upgrades - your call.

As of now, DDR is NOT that much faster, I was oringinally gonna biuld a new DDR system, but after my research, I decided against it, mainly because it is not "Mature" enough for me, When They make a chipset and CPU that are optimized for DDR, and get some really kickass benchmarks, then I might think about it, but until then, what i have now Is pretty damn fast
The performance increase DDR SDRAM gives for the extra cost is minimal (~10%)
I'd stick with SDRAM for the time being...