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Is Epox 4sda+ a good mothrboard for overclocking?

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Dec 30, 2001
Is Epox 4sda+ a good mothrboard for overclocking?I'm talking about how high its fsb can go,about the voltage adjustments for memory,cpu,agp and what about agp/pci dividers.
FSB selection between 100MHz to 200MHz in 1MHz increments

CPU core voltage adjustable between 1.400V to 1.850V

DDR voltage adjustable between 2.50V to 3.20V

AGP voltage adjustable between 1.50V to 2.20V

DDR:FSB ratios selectable 3:5, 3:4, 1:1, 5:4

AGP/PCI dividers automatically set
It is a great board, I'd also highly recommend the 4BDA or 4BDA2+. It's the best i845 board out there in many peoples opionions. Either or, you can't go wrong with either epox board.
I forgot to mention that by using the onboard Core DIP switches along with the BIOS settings, you can set the core as high as 2.02V . I had mine running at that for a while to get my reluctant 1.6A up to 2.3 GHz. Sanity has since prevailed, and I set the core back to 1.9V where that 1.6A is running completely stable at 2.2 GHz. I guess that running Prime95 continuously for 4 days would indicate stability. :D
TASOS said:

If you dont have a problem waiting.....there is going to be a newer version with the SiS645DX chipset....soon.

Do you know when the SiS645DX is coming out?

Also, does anyone know the Diff between the 4BDA and 4BDA2+?