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Is GlobalWin FOP38 FC-PGA compatable?

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Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
Going shopping this w/end. I've decided to upgrade from the Gorb.

This will be slocket mounted. Will weight be an issue?

Thanks in advance!

Mr B
Should be fine if you have standard post supports. I have a FOP32 on a slocket, which is the same sans slightly smaller fan, and it's not really has heavy as it looks.
DennisC (Feb 17, 2001 09:54 a.m.):
Have you thought about a PEP66? It's specifically designed for slockets.

I would love a Pep66, however, there is a dutch auction on e-bay for the FOP38, that is well w/in my budget, and from what I've read, is close to the PEP66 in quality/efficiancy/etc.....

Unless there's someone here that is willing to part company with a PEP66 w/ fan for around $25.00............I think I'll put in a bid on the FOP38.

This auction doesn't end for a few days, so, if someone has one, please let me know.


Mr B
I have located a PEP66T from another member in this forun. The $$ goes out tomorrow, and I should get it in about a week.

Between now and then, I should get a couple of mb's I bought thru e-BAY in......

Between the mb's and the Alpha, I'm hoping I can get:

113 to 115 FSB at 2.0v (current setting, 112 @ 2.0v) or
112 at lower vcore (1.9 or 1.95v)

I've got a pair of Soyo 6BA+III's and an ASUS P3C2000 coming. Both Soyo's have probs, but I think I can swap the BIOS chips and get 1 good one, and the ASUS is the i820 chipset, w/ the funky MTH setup. The guy I got it from said it works well. We'll see later this week.

Thanks Tim, for your help in locating the Alpha, and Jon and Dennis, for the advice here.

I still might pick up the GW FOP38 for my Celeron 945, it's got a Gorb as well. This one just misses the boat at 990. Might get that w/ the FOP38.

Mr B