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Is it my board?

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Aug 23, 2002
Oakland, California
Hey fellas, this is my first time posting in this forum and it feels kina weird, but i've been reading these forums for over a year now so i guess its all good.

Anyways, Just yesterday, i think i screwed over my A7V333.
What happened was, i took out my RAM(Samsung 512mb PC2700) in order to put on a ramsink for added cooling. Arctic Alumina was put on each ram chip because i didn't want to use thermal tape, so... after i put my ram back in, Boom, my comp doesn't start.

At this point, i totally freaked out and jumped to many conclusions. Firstly, i thought my ram got screwed because of the supposingly non-conductive Arctic Alumina, but i tried putting in some PC2100 ram in. All of the 3 sockets were tested individually and the comp still won't start. Just a blank screen.

Then i tought it was the monitor and tested that, then i tested the video card and they were both OK.

So... then i realized i could use the ASUS post reporter. The reporter said it was my CPU that had problems, so i took my CPU out and tested it and it wasn't that EITHER!

I put in a different xp1600+ and the post reporter now says memory fail.

After all of that, i just kinda dropped. I am totally confused, but most the arrows point to the motherboard.

I would appriciate any help and sorry about the long story.

System Specs:
AMD Athlon 1600+
Welcome to the forums. Have you tried clearing cmos? and did you dissconnect the power supply before hand?
actually, keeping the power supply plugged in isn't a bad thing, because it keeps your pc grounded. so holding your hand on the case will discharge static. just make sure you turn the ps off.
sorry, i can't help you though. i've read bad things about ram sinks, but my corsair has 'em. good luck.