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Is it possible to cool a cpu from the front and back

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Apr 19, 2012
Like i said in the beginning Earthdog im a newbie to this world :) ok so first thing ..I have a second pc fx 8550 with a angelica board its also hp ...If i didnt find the cooler block worked for what i wanted i was going to use it on it if not so Ill let the order proceed I think ...I was happy with it over the hyper evo iI had before it ..It dropped it from idle temps of about 55c to 45c ...I know this is still high though or at least I think it is...as for the space im currently building my own case as iI have access to alot of metal bending equipment ect at my job so room will not be an issue im building it as something decorative and am giving ample space to work in and breat i hope .....with the right fans setup....back to my original question though im really only trying to figure a way to mount the pump block of the h60 to the back of the board without arcing things out ....sorry may seem slightly retarted but i just wanted to know if it was possible ...again was hoping there would be a thermally conductive pad or tape that i could use that was non-conductive to mount it to but im guessing from your answer :) its prob just a waste of time ......ty just the same for all your input :) it is truly appreciated either way

Well any ways, I'm interested in this setup. BUT adding a TEC to the back and cooling that with the new cooler may inhibit some really nice low temps. A decent 45w-60w TEC would be plenty, might even get some freezing temperatures, so insulation would be a must.

Any kind of thermal pad would be ideal so long it's not too thin. You'd need some long bolts and use washers and nuts and clamp the CPU and motherboard in-between the water blocks.

The idea of actively cooling your VRMs has been a very long ago thing. Back when I purchase AM2+ M3A32 MVP motherboard, it came with a VRM blower fan that clipped onto the heat sink for those that would use water cooling. Since then motherboard manufacturers have cheapened up on all the neat gadgets they send with their boards.

Any how, please feel free to add pictures of all this stuff. I'm very interested in seeing some new cooling ideas.

It's your moneys and experiment. Please share, don't let the nay say'ers stop you! And pictures!