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Is it possible to slow down the LG GCE 8520 burner?

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Aug 25, 2003
Prague, Czech Republic
Hi, everybody.

Short time ago, I have bought a combo LG-GCC 4520B. I am absolutely satisfied with it, except one thing (which I did not know until I bought it): It is unable to slow it down using DriveSpeed. It does not support other speed settings than 40 (the default) and maximum. Nothing below 40x.

Now, my sister wants some CD burner, and because of excellent optical characteristics of my combo, I decided to buy her a burner of the same brand - LG. I can get LG GCE 8520B for a nice price here in my country, .. but I don't know whether it does not lacks the ability of slowing it down, similarly like my LG product - the GCC 4520B combo.

Does someone have this burner and know whether it is or isn't possible?

Maybe I expressed myself a bit inaccurate. I mean slow it down while read. I didn't mean controlling the burning speed, but the reading speed.

And the reason is quite simple: to reduce the noise while reading.

Most of the drives which I see, are able to slow down the reading speed using the DriveSpeed utility. But, my LG-GCC 4520B combo doesn't have such feature. And before I go to buy a similar burner (same brand: LG, model: GCE 8520B) for my sister, I want to know, whether this is the same case with it.