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Is it the I/O VOltage?

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Feb 24, 2001
I oveclocked my 1.1 ghz 100 fsb to 1.233 137 fsb.

My computer seems to be completely stable except when I finish using speed disk or other hard disk based programs. I hav e a WD 40gb my i/o voltage was set 3.5 (really 3.6) and I set it back to 3.3(really 3.4). I think it helped but not sure.

Can anybody give me a quick impression on i/o voltage and why would you need to change it when you overclock?
Think it's just like the cpu. Higher frequencies need slightly more voltage. Apparently the milliamps they use is fixed.
Veryfy that you are in fact using a PCI divider of 1/4 not 1/3. Otherwise your hdd would run at 45MHz, which is way out of spec, and may be a problem even for a good wd drive.

I/O voltage is applicable to RAM and Graphics card. It sometimes helps to raise it if these components cause instabilities, which is unlikely at 137MHz. Just leave it at default

Good luck