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Is it unlocked?

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cyber mouse45

Cyber Cheesiest Senior
Jan 31, 2002
I know this has been asked a ton of times before, but I couldn’t find anything on it. So here it is. How can I tell if my chip is unlocked?? :eh?:


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001

Change the multiplyer value in your bios and then see if it posts at a higher speed. I'd set the FSB to 133 when doing this the 1st time. And for higher multiplyers, add a little vcore so it'll be stable. Then from windows check it with something that can read cpu speed like MBM or Wcpuid. Also test for stability with prime95 or Sandra or something. Test all the multiplyers, or just the "near" ones.... if you can't post, try to add some more vcore or if you're really stuck, reset cmos. If some mults work and some don't, it may be only partially unlocked. If only the very high multiplyers don't work, give it some more vcore, or just accept that maybe your cpu can't take that kind of strain.


Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001
If you bump up the multiplier by .5x just to test then you will know when it POSTs if it's unlocked by looking at the MHz rating of the CPU when it prints out. This will tell you whether or not it is truly unlocked. Not if it is stable or overclockable, which is what Arkaine's method above is good for, but simply unlocked.