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Is it worth it

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Nov 4, 2002
Vashon Island,WA
Im wondering if it would be worth it to unlock my cpu, Agoia XP1600+.

Worth it because,
a. Its already overclocked at 158/33 - 10.5mp - 1.65ghz - stock voltage
b. Ide have to re AS3 it *not a big deal*
c. Ive never unlocked a chip before and am a bit weary of unlockin the fastest chip Ive ever had.

My sys runs ok now, 42'c @ idle, with a thermalright SK7 and a 88mm fan *generic led* but I am wishing
I could get a little more out of it in games ect.

So will unlocking my chip give me more stability? I know all chips are different in the oc department but generaly would
it give me a higher speed

Ive tried to read as much as I can in these forums about this kinda stuff but its hard to find a
n00b version of o/c terms and numbers :p

another question Ive been hunting for is: Why turn down the multiplier and up the fsb? Doesnt the multiplier just "multiply" the fsb speed?

Agoia xp1600+ @1.65ghz
thermalright sk7 @ as3
asus a7n266-c
512 ddr 2700 kingston
maxtor 80gig 7200rpm
Albatron ti4200-p turbo @ 280-590 :rolleyes:
Turbolink 420w psu
asus nforce sound
id say it gepends on you.
are you bored with it the way it is?
do u wanna push it as far as u can?
do u wanna try a new ocing trick "ie" unlocking?

the system is fine the way it is.i get bored myself and eventually feel the need to max everything i own till it screams for help.

as far as making it more stabile i cant guess one way or another is way to many variables.but most times it doesnt make it more unstabile.

the reason of cranking the fsb is like adding extra lanes on a freeway. its wider but the cars still go the same speed.speed is the mhz.lanes are the fsb. alowwing more cars on a freeway gets more cars to the destination.and fsb speeds up the whole pc. mhz just the cpu.

but noone here will say you are wrong in no matter what u choose to do.well and have a valid point anyhow.its a personal choice at this point.

me id be at the automotive store asking for defoger paint isle :D
Ponders, Is 1.65Ghz the max stable CPU speed you can get without unlocking?
Unlocking will not change the max speed the CPU will hit, but will allow you to increase the fsb as much as your memory and motherboard can bear. :)
The downside? Does your Motherboard support the proper AGP/PCI dividers at the higher fsb speeds you'll attain? You could introduce instabilities in other components ie video, H.D., NIC, etc...
You may have to dial back Memory timings, so there will be trade offs as far as the performance gain you realize.
The up side...I do know that I see quite a few 3DMark2001 scores that are higher than mine, but are from slower cpus running on faster busses. I can have higher scores in all the later Tests in 3DMark that test just CPU or Vid card, but they are beating me in the game Tests where it matters. The higher fsb speeds give their Overall system performance a real boost, even though my CPU is faster and I may overclock my Vid card harder.
Can't wait to see how the new XP "B" steppings do on the 166 bus(and higher)

XP2000+@[email protected]/AX-7, ASIII (12.5X153.5)
Shuttle AK35GTR V1.1
512mb Corsair XMS3000C2H
Gainward "GS" 650/TV GF4 Ti4200 64mb 3.3ns mem running@ 325/617
2-WD800JB SE 80G=160G Raid0 array
500w PS
i got my cpu to 2016 mhz before i tried to unlock it...so yes, it is possible to get very high with a locked chip....im now sitting at 10x192..till i fix the unlock...i can run this speed at 1.8vcore also. id say with your setup..seeing as how you dont have a kt333 board, it wouldnt do you much good to try and get really high, because the board only supports 4:1 dividers..so overclocking too much will put your other stuff way out of spec, if you want to really pump the chip, go with an EPOX kt333 board..they are by far the best for overclocking, and have onboard lan (8k5a2/3+) and onboard 5.1 channel sound
I would say more likely you got a "Golden" chip Joe, How many 1600+ cpus are out there? How many will hit 2G plus? Not many I bet. There are 12 listed in Overclockers.com database for the 1600+ out of 505 entries, and only one mentions air cooling. what are the chances Ponders has one of those chips?