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Is it worth the 150 bucks for IPS?

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I can see your point with the TN panel. No advantage to the IPS? I have never had one.

At this price point the 150 bucks is not really a deal breaker.

These things are not that common to go and look at yourself in Canada, so it is pretty much a blind purchase. :(
The TN vs IPS personal preference really. I personally prefer IPS bit I'm not a hardcore gamer.
The advantages to IPS are mainly for people doing photo and video editing or planning on triple monitors.
On a TN you'll have faster response times.
IPS give you a better viewing angle the LCD "crystals" are perpendicular, also much better colors. It is a much more expensive process to make a IPS panel, also to make it Perform like a TN or TFT for gaming is expensive also.

I won't go back to a TN panel ever, that is the oldest technology, even though it has been updated..

I would go with the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27.
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I think he is looking for G-sync monitor for gaming? With IPS, G-sync, ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27 that is the newest technology.
Well if you want cutting edge you have to pay to play. MY self I don't need G-sync because I have matched all my games to my refresh rate of 60Hz perfectly using adaptive Vsync and GTX 970 1080p, and I have PLS that is close to IPS panel. If I was you I would go for it, I just did not want to have spend that much on PC gaming.
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With the enjoyment the monitor will give you over a long period of time will make
your concerns about the extra cost irrelevant in the end. Go for it.

my dell ultra sharps are the cats meow, I think they are Ips, what ever that is, they are the only thing that I have bought that can even make angry birds look great!!!!!!!