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Is my 1.33ghz running to hot?

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I have a 1.33 ghz AXIA running at 1.33. I have it on an Asus a7m266 in a wind tunnel 2 case from cooler guys and a swiftech mc370 heatsink and ys-tech fan on it running at about 4400 rpm. I boot at about 47-48C and under load prolly hit at least 50-52C. Are these temps to worry about? Would I be much better off with a mc462 and delta fan? I am also using the arctic silver 2 thermal paste.
I don't know what lapping the heatsink is unfortunately, the room temp should be in the low seventies according to my thermostat. that's the only thing I have to go by and I'm using whatever came with the mb to detect the htemp. It's an Asus board and I'm using Asus PC Probe to find out the temps. Know of any faqs on lapping? Or do you know any programs better than the one I'm using to detect temps?
WOW 47 @ idle?

I have a 1GHz T-Bird @ 1.33 and my temps and 27@ idle and 48@ load. I did bend the probe up but didn't put any grease on it but i still think it is close. And I only have a cheap coolermaster HSF rated at 1.2GHz. Did you you thermal compound? Is it on level? Sound aufully high at idle to me.
I have a MC462 on my 1.33, it's 38C idle, 42C under load. when oc'ered to 1.56, it's 41/44.

My temps are still higher than what I expected cos I expected much better results from the mc462 after reading all the reviews.
Yeah your all right!! But have you thought about that is the new CPU with 133MhzClockrate???
I 've exact the same Problem and i think the temperatures are ok, because i even tried some things and most didn't work out! :-(
I lapped my Sink and used Arctic SilverII!!
At the Moment i run at 48°C(Sensor beside the Die) and 59°C at CPU-back!

I didnt find out what to do to decrease the temps...