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is my BIOS compromised?

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Sep 4, 2016
Maybe just being paranoid but..
A few days back made some simple edits in my BIOS, switching BUS lanes.
But I seem to recall seeing something a little odd under history, last changes?
The problem is I didn't take a photo and don't recall exactly where
There were just a couple entries in a table or list with cryllic characters on the left and RAID on the right.
Secure boot has always been enabled but no admin pw.
I read something about rootkit attacks and am a bit concerned even though am always running antivirus 24/7 and haven't noticed anything suspicious at all in my system.
When I enter BIOS again all I see under Last Changes are any edits I made.

To be on the safe side should I do a complete drive reformat, fresh windows install?
Re-flash my BIOS or?
Is there some hidden log somewhere where ALL BIOS edits are saved?
Any feedback appreciated!
Not quite sure what you're seeing from the description...without details or a picture, not sure what we (at least I) can do.

That said, I surely wouldn't wipe my system based on what we've heard so far.
Judging from your other threads....

....you're going through with it. Just keep in mind that if you think your BIOS is compromised (I'd bet a shed load of money it isnt and this is all a waste of time), you need to flash it too. :)