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Is my Chip slowly frying

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Apr 28, 2001
Hi guys, I have cracked my Athlon TB (AXIA) 1200 MHz up to 1404 MHz. I have accordingly built in a lot of fans inside to keep the temp down. I am also using an ORB twin cooler/heatsink (Titan) which can be used for chips up to 1.5 gigs. The trouble is, the temp still rises up to between 60°C and 64°C (with a closed case) with an open case it ranges at around 50°C. When I really give gas... it shots to 67/68°C.

Some of the people I have talked to say that's okay for an overclocked Thunderbird.... AMD itself says we can cook our chips up to 90°C. Can anybody confirm or deny that.... I am beginning to panic
Downclock to the original speed now and go out and get a better heatsink. The Orbs can handle those speeds with decent temps. I strongly suggest getting something like the new Millenium Glaciator or the Swifttech 462A. Infact, most things will be better than that. Your temps are way too high, in fact dangerous. You never want your chip to get into the 50C range, much less 60. Also, are you using a thermal pad or grease? If nothing, then you are running into some problems. At least a pad is needed, but grease is much much better. Please downclock before you really do burn the chip.
AMD does say that the chips will run up to 95C, but that is just asking for trouble. Anything over 50C under load is too hot. Dunno266 is absolutely right. Get the Orbs off your chip and get a decent HSF.
keep in mind, while the orb MAY be able to "cool" chips up to 1.5 ghz, this is a nearly-1.5ghz overclocked cpu. If a cpu is overclocked, it will generate far more heat than a stock cpu at the same clock speed...why do you think we need so much cooling? :)