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Is my computer able to be overclocked?

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New Member
Aug 28, 2016
Hello, Machinemike here. i need information regarding my asus m32 and i was wondering if it can be overclocked, or tuned up any way for gaming. I have an AMD A10-6700 processor which is stock for this computer, and pretty much stock everything except for a cheap graphics card.(nvidia geforce gt 610) i was supposed to get a better graphics card but never got around to it. right now im focusing on getting a new cpu but is there any sort of way i can overclock my cpu or get a new bios for my computer? :confused:


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Highly doubtful.. Its an OEM PC.

If you get into the BIO, do you see any overclocking options like CPU multiplier or voltage, or bus speed? Perhaps post a picture up of your BIOS and we can look too.


Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Nope. Looks locked to me. Not going to be able to overclock. Your best bet to be able to overclock that CPU is to swap motherboards. You'll need a Socket FM2+ board.


Jan 2, 2012
I would ask what the use of this computer is.

If you want to overclock for the fun of is, go ahead and get some parts.

If you are looking at turning this into a gaming or editing rig, you will be throwing good money after bad.

If you replace the motherboard to overclock you will need a new power supply. That gt 610 is not going to cut it either.

On a side note, why the heck did they put a 610 in there? The APU on that chip is much stronger. You would be better off just removing it.