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is my cpu too hot?

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
i was checking my cpu temp and today for the 1st time it went to over 200f! 203 actually and i havent even overclocked it!!! im buying an alpha pep a couple case fans and a hard drive cooler that should set things straight right boys?

WTF 203F!!!!
What did you test your temperature with?
Is it Motherboard monitor? or did you check the temp in your BIOS?
203 F (93C) is way too hot...if your sure that your reading is correct then you definatly have a heat dissipation problem. Start troubleshooting your setup and keep in mind that the maxmum operating temp for most CPU's is a 80C (176F).
Man, 176F still a high heat! You are running with your case closed? Well, if you are, remove the side panel for awile until you got new cooler/system fans. It will pull down your temps around 10C !!!