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Is my mixture OK ??

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Nov 17, 2001
Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA
I just got my Water Wetter today... wow, Summit Racing ships FAST :D

anyhow I dropped according to the bottle roughly 2 or 3 ounces of water wetter into my reservoir...

my Res is 1 gallin + what I have in the tubes and radiator/waterblock...

Did I mix enough ? the water is definately pinkish but not too dark, more like a transparent light pink...

I don't know if I have enough in there- as I've heard things like 4 ounces to a gallon or something..
I did a load test for 1 hour (toast) and my temps didn't go over 45 C which is nice.. the ambient in this place is something like 30 C or 80F or something like that....
The mix is about right, I generally like to have 1 oz. WW to every quart of water. Your temps seem a little high, though what waterblock/pump/radiator are you using?
I by no mean shave a performance kit.

I have an AMD Athlon XP 1500+ non-overclocked.

I am using a "generic" copper water block, 12" x 5" 4 pass radiator, (alum) and a Rio180.

I have a radioshack on my shroud, running at 7volts but don't know its exact specs - at 12v it's supposed to be 85 or 89 CFM.

so I think my temps are "ok" as I don't have the best setup. I am thinking of looking into high CFM low noise fans (extremely low noise) to see if a dual fan setup would beenfit my radiator more (and I believe it will)..

I also have NO case fans (nor real room for them without modding which I am not equiped for) and my tempurate is from the in socket probe - so that could be hot air trapped in there as well.

in the meantime, I am happy with it.

Is what water wetter does is break up surface tention. Because if that is what it does I have had sucess useing plain laundry soap. It breaks up the surface tention and gave me cooler temps.
I need more than less surface tension, I have an ALuminum radiator and a copper waterblock, so I needed an anti-corrosive agent as well.

WW works good for me all around.