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Is my peltier cooling enough??

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Dec 25, 2000
Hi guy's , I have a 80watt peltier installed with a PEP66T and to delta fans on it , when i read other posts about peltiers i see subzero temps. My idle temp is 4 C and full load is about 26c . The peltier is making firm contact with the cpu and Artic silver is used between all parts , it has it own powersupply with a constant 13.4 volts. Aren't the temps high for a PIII700E@1050 150FSB cas 222 7/9 PC133 and default vcore? Thanks for your reply !!
This is cuz of two things, your Alpha is having hard time keeping the pelt "cold", and your pelt is not big enough. To get below zero with your P3 you need bigger pelt, but this requires also better cooling for it.

How hot is the base of your alpha under full cpu load?
Air cooling setups cannot handle any bigger pelts than you have.