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Is my PSU enough for GTX 1650 Super?

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Jan 13, 2020
I have a question is my PSU good enough to run a gtx 1650 super? the card i want to get soon
is a 100watt card wants 1 6pin and asks for 350watt psu,
anyways my psu is (i know its not great im still planning on upgrading my psu i just want to get this video card first so i can play doom asap ill upgrade my psu a month later or something) Anyway its a Antec VP400 watt it also has 2 12v rails 1 is 18amp the other is 17amp total together online it says its 28amp on 12v rail combined.
i also did a psu calculate test and with the gtx 1650 super included im only at 241 watts, my entire system is

Ryzen 5 1500x (stock) ,16gb ddr4 3200,1 ssd thats 120gb,3 case fans (2 120mm 1 80mm) and then this gpu comes out as 241watts so i should be OK?
what about my 12v rails tho it has 2 of them one is 18amp other is 17amp are those enough for the card as well?
if my psu is barely enough to run ill get it cause i just want to play doom eternal BUT after i have my gpu my next step IS to buy a better PSU thats the plan

but i just want the gpu first so i can start eternal already!

anyways let me know guys

edit: i cant afford both a new psu and a gpu at the same time,and if my psu is ok to use this card for a about a month then ill go for gpu first start my doom game then my next check ill get the psu...please dont tell me the other way around i just want to play doom eternal and want to know my system wont fry if i hook it up its only gonna be using this psu for 1 more month with that gpu
It should be fine at stock speeds so long as the PSU is OK (working properly). Your PSU has 336W total on the 12V rail (28A). That said, the quality of the PSU isn't great... but worth a try. It would be the next thing to buy on my list, period.

If the card is 100W... that is a bit over 8A at 12V.

Even with a GTX 1650 Super at stock and your CPU at stock, It won't use more than 200-250W...

EDIT: Also, looks like you asked this before at another site - https://www.overclock.net/forum/31-power-supplies/1745244-my-psu-enough-gtx-1650-super.html
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