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is my Ti-4200 in the ****ter?!!

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Jul 19, 2002
okinawa, japan
i just got my chaintech ti-4200(gt-21) in the mail, so i pop it in my old k6 2 rig and all i get is colors flashing static and fading to different colors, im thinkin' ooooh crap then i remeber that it only has a deer 125 watt psu!, so i pop it into my newer machine with a 300 watt psu, not over clocked and all the basics nothing to power thirsty, and guess what happens!! the same crap all over again!! is it a dud or what?, i guess im gunna have to RMA it(which i have no idea how)
uh if you have any suggestions as to what is rong please help
:cry: :cry: :cry:
It probably is, sorry. :( Were you properly grounded when you installed the card? Try to always hold the card by the sides and never the components (Resistors, capacitors) on the board.
Sorry to hear about your vid card. I would assume that the card itself is messed up.

Good luck with it's replacement.